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Background information

Concept and objectives

  • For additional information about the RRI and SSH approaches and the event objectives, read the background note of the event.



  • From Wednesday July 8 (afternoon) to Thursday July 9, 2015

Event proceedings

  • Pictures - here
  • Final attendees list - here
  • Event report - here
  • Event summary note - here


Note: Please click on speakers' names to access their presentations

Wednesday the 8th (afternoon)

13:30 Welcome of participants and registration
14:00 The RRI-ICT tag cloud
Participants to the event have been asked in advance to provide keywords to define RRI in ICT. The results have been presented in a tag cloud format.
  • Karine Valin and Stephanie Morales, Sigma Orionis, RRI-ICT Forum project coordinator
14:10 Responsible ICT research and innovation is in our hands!
  • Nicole Devandre, Advisor for Societal Issues to DG Connect Director General
14:40 Icebreaker - European Map
Participants had the opportunity to know each other through a networking exercise.
14:55 Interactive presentation of the "ICT-related RRI-SSH Ecosystem"
As the RRI-SSH ecosystem is quite complex and involves different types of participants, this session allowed all participants to have a clearer view of the basic structure of this system, their role within it and the resources they can find by interacting with others. With the participation of:
  • Philippe Galiay, Head of Sector, Science with and for Society, DG RTD
  • Bogdan-Iustin Birnbaum, Programme Assistant, Reflective Societies, DG RTD
  • Catherine Flick, Lecturer in Computing & Social Responsibility, De Montfort University, Responsible-Industry project
  • Anthony Dupont, Senior Project Manager, Sigma Orionis, RRI-ICT Forum project
  • Andreas Lymberis, Programme Officer, Components, DG Connect
  • Norbert Gretz, Head of the Medical Research Center, University of Heidelberg, MEDILIGHT project
  • Ivica Cubic, Programme Officer, Future and Emerging Technologies, DG Connect
  • Peter Pharow, Head of Business Unit Human Centered Media, Fraunhofer IDMT, GRACeFUL project
  • Sabina Guaylupo, Senior Innovation Manager and IPR Consultant, No One Left Behind project
15:40 Networking coffee break
16:10 Shaping the substance of the RRI-SSH approach
Through a collaborative process called OPERA, participants filled in what it meant and took to enact responsible research and innovation in ICT-related areas.
18:00 Closing
  • Anthony Dupont, Senior Project Manager, Sigma Orionis, RRI-ICT Forum project
18:15 Casual networking cocktail (at participants own expense)

Thursday the 9th (all day)

09:00 Opening address: Is it hard to reconcile responsibility and innovation?
  • Robert Madelin, Director General, DG Connect
09:30 Additional insights
  • Judith Simon, IT University Copenhagen & University of Vienna
  • Rob van Kranenburg, Founder of the IoT Council, theinternetofthings.eu
  • Kai Rannenberg, Deutsche Telekom Chair of Mobile Business & Multilateral Security, Goethe University Frankfurt
10:30 Networking break
11:00 Designing the action plan
Well equipped with the outcome of the OPERA session and with the additional insights, participants moved into the design of an action plan to enact a responsible approach in ICT-related research & innovation.
13:00 Networking lunch
14:30 RRI-ICT Forum Collaborative Platform"
Presentation and live update of the platform by participants.
15:30 Concluding remarks
Just before going back to their environments and starting enacting the action plan that they had shaped and endorsed, participants heard from the RRI-ICT Forum project team their accounts from the event and the next steps.
  • Ziga Turk, Professor, University of Ljubljana, RRI-ICT Forum project
16:00 Closing
  • Nicole Dewandre, Advisor for Societal Issues to DG Connect Director General