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Title Paradigm Shifts Modelling and Innovative Approaches
Description The objectives of PASHMINA will include 1. production of exploratory scenarios (Qualitative storylines) of future global change options up to 2030 and 2050, complemented by a Quantitative analysis of key development indicators (GDP, well being, etc.) undertaken by means of global long term meta-models (WP1 ) 2. analysis of the consequences of the paradigm shifts in the energy-transport-environment nexus related to the urban functions: housing, mobility, recreation, etc. (WP2) 3. analysis of the possible paradigm shifts in the land use arod territorial functions related to agriculture, forestry and more in general ecosystem services: ego biofuels, biodiversity, ecosystems metabolism, etc. (WP3) 4. first development a new generation of global indicators and models, starting from already existing sustainabilily accounting and general equilibrium modelling frameworxs and adapting these to make them (more) sensitive to paradigm shifts in the long-term perspective (WP4) 5. pilot assessment of possible adaptation and mitigation strategies to tackle with different paradigm shifts, evaluating their trade -oils (WP5). 6. to produce a comparative evaluation of the advancements in modelling tools achieved by PASHMINA, and to disseminate those in the scientific and stakeholders communities by means of innovative dissemination tools (virtual library, wiki-web tools, webGIS application) and other dissemination activities (WP6).
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Coordinator ISIS - Institute of Studies for the Integration of Systems
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Research Report on methodology applied to assess economic consequences of interactions between transport, energy and the environment

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