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Title Personal Assistant for healthy Lifestyle
Description The PAL (Personal Assistant for healthy Lifestyle) project proposal for Horizon 2020 was “favourably evaluated” and is expected to start on the 1st of March 2015 (EU grant is 4.5M Euro; ref. H2020-PHC-643783). This 4 year project involves the research partners TNO (coordinator), DFKI, FCSR, Imperial and Delft University of Technology, next to end-users (the hospitals Gelderse Vallei and Meander, and the Diabetics Associations of Netherlands and Italy), and SME’s (Mixel and Produxi). PAL will use, refine and extend the knowledge-base and support models of ALIZ-E to improve child’s diabetes regimen by assisting the child, health professional and parent. The PAL system will be composed of a social robot (NAO), its (mobile) avatar, and an extendable set of (mobile) health applications (diabetes diary, educational quizzes, sorting games, etc.), which all connect to a common knowledge-base and reasoning mechanism.
Start date 2015/03
End date (actual or expected) 2019/03
Coordinator TNO
RRI-SSH reference person Sylvia van der Pal
Twitter handle @PAL4Uproject
Partners TNO
RRI subjects or topics Ethics
ICT subjects or topics Robotics
SSH subjects or topics Humanities, Social sciences
Other subjects or topics Children, Health
Funded by H2020-PHC-643783
Call H2020-PHC-643783

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