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Acronym GREAT

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Title Governance of REsponsible innovATion
Description "The GREAT project will develop an empirically based and theoretically sound model of the role of responsible research and innovation governance. The project will explore the dynamics of participation in research and innovation, and investigate the characteristics of responsible practices. It will investigate the nature of new partnerships among various stakeholders, researchers and policymakers that are developing within innovation networks and the influence that these developments have on knowledge production and policy. This will be done a. by determining the characteristics of research and innovation b. involving diverse groupings and c. determining the social processes involved in responsible research and innovation practices.

In doing so, the GREAT project will address all three issues requested in the call: a. It will explore the knowledge and research potential of multi-stakeholder approaches in research; b. it will investigate how responsible innovation is involved in research processes and c. it will use this knowledge to inform policy makers on how to integrate responsible innovation in further research activities."

Start date 2013/02/01
End date (actual or expected) 2016/01/31
Coordinator FUNDP
RRI-SSH reference person
Twitter handle @GreatRRI
Partners DMU, A-PYKA, UOXF, VTT, UnivPDes, Sciences Po, EA, NUID UCD, Signosis, NIGELGILBERT, VTT
RRI subjects or topics RRI in ICT meta topic
ICT subjects or topics Open Innovation in ICT
SSH subjects or topics Political science, Sociology
Other subjects or topics Responsible Research and Innovation governance, Law and economics
Funded by European Commission

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Context of RRI, Framework for the Comparison of Theories of Responsible Innovation in Research, RI Corpus of Guidance and Governance and Taxonomy of Approaches

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