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Acronym GLOBAL excursion

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Title Extended Curriculum for Science Infrastructure
Description GLOBAL excursion (Extended Curriculum for Science Infrastructure Online) is a supporting action funded by the European Commission under the Research and Innovation Infrastructures programme of FP7.

The project will develop a common understanding, teaching use cases, as well as pedagogical and technical artefacts. The aim of this project is to provide young citizens and their educators (teachers, parents, etc.) across Europe with a range of e-Infrastructures and access to expert knowledge on its usage for a joyful exploration of e-Science through e-Infrastructure. Based on the experience from previous projects, we intend to target pupils between 14-18 years of age (upper stage school). Participating schools and science communicators will elaborate communication and teaching activities. The driving themes will be nano- and biotechnologies, as well as volunteer computing and life sciences with an interdisciplinary focus especially including ethical, legal and social aspects (ELSA).

The main purpose of the GLOBAL excursion project is to enable students and teachers access to the experimental laboratories and resources of selected e-Infrastructures in order to improve science curricula by enriching school’s existing teaching and learning materials.

By connecting e-Infrastructures, resources and tools with schools, pupils can experience challenging and authentic learning scenarios. Thus, students gain insights in scientific real work and relive interest in natural science education.

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Start date 2011/09/01
End date (actual or expected) 2014/02/28
Coordinator Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI)
RRI-SSH reference person Claudia Magdalena Fabian
Twitter handle @ViSH_portal
Partners Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI)
RRI subjects or topics Science Education, Open Science
ICT subjects or topics Microtechnology
SSH subjects or topics Ethics, Law, Sociology
Other subjects or topics Children, Culture, Social innovation
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