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FEderated interoperable SmarT ICT services deVelopment And testing pLatforms. project logo

Title FEderated interoperable SmarT ICT services deVelopment And testing pLatforms.
Description The development of the Internet of Things is set to have a strong impact on many aspects of society. Test-beds and experimental facilities, both of small scale and up to city scale, will be an essential enabler to facilitate the development of this vision. There have been long years of research work in Europe and Japan on federation of testbeds and more recently on IoT testbeds. FESTIVAL will as much as possible make reuse of existing software and hardware available in Europe and in Japan for building such testbeds. Facilitating the access to these test-beds to a large community of experimenters is a key asset to the development of a large and active community of application developers, necessary to address the many challenges faced by European and Japanese societies.

FESTIVAL project’s vision is to provide IoT experimentation platforms where experimenters can validate their Smart ICT service developments in various domains such as smart city, smart building, smart public services, smart shopping, participatory sensing, etc. The FESTIVAL federation will connect cyber world to the physical world, from large scale deployments at a city scale, to small platforms in lab environments and dedicated physical spaces simulating real-life settings. Those platforms will be connected and federated via homogeneous access APIs with an “Experimentation as a Service” (EaaS) model for experimenters to test their added value services.

Start date 2014/10/01
End date (actual or expected) 2017/10/01
Homepage http://www.festival-project.eu/
Coordinator Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives,
RRI-SSH reference person
Twitter handle
RRI subjects or topics Ethics, Open Science and Open Access
ICT subjects or topics Cybersecurity and Trustworthy ICT, Internet of Things
SSH subjects or topics
Other subjects or topics Data protection, Open Data, Smart Cities, Informed consent
Funded by European Commission Japanesee National Institute of Information and Communication Technology

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