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Acronym DANCE

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Title Dancing in the Dark
Description About all multidisciplinary analysis and implications of perceiving movement in dance, including interactive movement. And what happens if you close your eyes? How do we perceive movements when we are blind? Non-verbal links that tight people together in social interaction.

There are several tools to sonify textual and similar messages, but not to do the same with non-verbal language. The project aims at reducing the immense cloud of (social) experiences that blind people don't share. This may be extended to other sensory deprived people.

Start date
End date (actual or expected)
Coordinator Casa Paganini–InfoMus
RRI-SSH reference person Antonio Camurri
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Partners Maastricht University, Stockholm University, Casa Paganini–InfoMus, UniGe
RRI subjects or topics Public Engagement
ICT subjects or topics Open Innovation in ICT
SSH subjects or topics Languages, Visual and performing arts
Other subjects or topics Music, Data analysis
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